Birds Caught in Windows
Pamela Davis
I come from a button jar filled with blue eyes

Father the undertaker
		selling flowers   and a funeral
		to a woman with a baby

		the flag	the casket

Red plaid shirts at Grand Canyon's rim
		matched set	loose stitched

His bullwhip bought as a joke
		stand there	snap snap

Sprung from school	Dad & me at the track
		daily double	50 to 1

Ambulance at night
		his blood bag	yellow eyes   bruises
		whispering nurses   what?    what?

Secret hideouts
		fig tree   attic   back of the Buick

& charms
		gold dice   tux studs   nudie deck

Folding chairs   strangers   dry kisses
		flyaway   hit walls   flyaway   hit glass

Pamela Davis is a California poet with recent work appearing in Prairie Schooner, Painted Bride Quarterly, Existere Journal of Literature and Art (Canada), Natural Bridge, Sou'Wester, Stand (UK), Valparaiso Poetry Review, and Zone 3. A recipient of Atlanta Review's International Poetry Prize, Davis has also been published in Nimrod as a semi-finalist for the Neruda Award, in Southern Poetry Review's special Poets of the West and West Coast issue, as well as in CALYX, Folio, Jabberwock Review, New Ohio Review, Southern Humanities Review and other literary journals. In addition to freelance editing and writing, she has a first book of poetry making the rounds. Her first summer job was working as a go-fer at her father's mortuary.

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