The Daughter's Origami
Alison Hicks
Only cranes, she says. 
Fingers section the glossy square
by feel, turn the crease.

Sharp corners bend back.
Mind's wild thoughts
folded into each animal.

Pinned to a string with a bead,
red and gold and green,
they wait in the basket on her desk.

For the time she will raise her arms
and they fly up,
rising, circling.

Tornado of cranes,
flapping and calling,
only cranes.
Alison Hicks's books include poetry collections Kiss and Falling Dreams, a novella, Love: A Story of Images, and an anthology, Prompted. Awards include the 2011 Philadelphia City Paper Poetry Prize and fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Her work has appeared in Blood Lotus, Caliban, Eclipse, Fifth Wednesday, Gargoyle, The Hollins Critic, The Louisville Review, Pearl, Permafrost, Quiddity, and Whiskey Island, among other journals. She leads community-based writing workshops under the name Greater Philadelphia Wordshop Studio (

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