When the Thorns Unfurl
Rosebud Ben-Oni
Kanye will change 
his name to an emoticon
then declare his image
No more incantation
or endorsements
Only dropout bear
closing the schools
with a militia of ballerinas
and rise from what's left 

On holidays he'll let us finish
but that won't get us anywhere 
because north west will replace 
two of the cardinal directions 

(Any two
he'll say 
just to mess with us)

Kim in a twist of simplicity 
is rebranded a theme park
where laws are passed
where she demands every 
voiceless velar stop
is only k
and k forever because really 
who won't retweet her
the universe made
a single city
Won't we
Won't we 
be fainter 
Unkloser to fate
and formerly 
as someone 
Born to a Mexican mother and Jewish father, Rosebud Ben-Oni is a 2013 CantoMundo Fellow and the author of SOLECISM (Virtual Artists Collective, 2013). Her work appears in The American Poetry Review, Arts & Letters, Bayou, Puerto del Sol, among others. Rosebud is an Editorial Advisor for VIDA: Women in Literary Arts (vidaweb.org). Find out more about her at 7TrainLove.org