teenagers, in general
Kimberly Ann Southwick
their underlying wrath
is cloaked in hair and tooth. their hair, oh.

mostly, the boredom, a downward-pointing arrow
flying unimaginatively straight.
something shadowy in the bushes becomes

something shadowy in the bushes.
but a cooler is a chair, the floor is a bed,
and PBR is still not an acquired taste.

apples disappear in houses 
where no one is telling them
to eat their vegetables. no one

is telling them
to eat their vegetables.

the sun is loud; the sky,
blue. they draw not on paper,
but on one another. the neighbors
are probably complaining.

but then, a game in the sand,
someone spinning. two someones
lying on a catamaran. everyone
lying and lying.

oh, the cure to their epic boredom, 
their costumed wrath, will come soon enough.

grow a tree, once you are through
growing like one.

the discovery of simplicity, 
words that merge in light,
best in a shaded sort of sunlight. 

coolers are chairs;
beds, floors.
backs are canvases and apples best
devoured to their core. 

there is a rabbit in the bushes, even
when the grass plot is all rocks. 
the bugs will keep you up all night 
only if you let them.

the song on the stereo isn't that good,
but you can't skip the track 
of the morning birds. if you leave

a can of beer in the beach sun,
it won't tell you any secrets 
that you don't already know.
Kimberly Ann Southwick is the founder and editor in chief of the biannual print literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins. Her second poetry chapbook efs & vees comes out summer 2015 from Hyacinth Girl Press. Visit her online here, and follow her on twitter, too: @kimannjosouth

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