Coping Mechanisms
Abigail Kirby Conklin
  I sing into the floorboards,
  serenade the onset of night;
  carol the sailing up
  of moon. Of cloud and dark.
  I usher in whole worlds,
  chin canted upwards
  into the crookneck
  of the divine, learn
  new shifts in bone. I am
  slowly completing the paperwork
  to secure real estate for my own
  novitiate, have found god
  in the undersides
  of lightness. I sex
  needle and ink into skin
  and skin and skin,
  chanting in tandem
  the silent demand they release:
  not today, motherfucker.
  Dead flowers bloom again.
  She’s coming back for you.

Abigail Kirby Conklin lives in New York City, where she works in education and curriculum development. Her poetry has appeared with various publications and projects, including The Lampeter Review (2017), The Poetry Shed, Curlew Quarterly (2018), and K'in Literary Journal (2018).