My Tarot Tells Me
Leonora Simonovis
to lose my higher self     I
ask my dog for advice
kiss my neighbor in a
dream         write love
letters to politicians

                                                      I dream I’m at the bottom
                                                      of a pool breathing through
                                                      irises like gills   expanding
                                                      contracting  	don’t do this
                                                      at home kids    but I did and

water high up my nose
I need to go back to source
the Bible says source is father
but fathers don’t give birth
they have magic though

                                            like Carolina’s father       one
                                            minute here    then gone
Leonora Simonovis is a writer, educator and mother who grew up near Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in San Diego, CA. Her work has appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, Revista fron//tera, Tiferet Journal, and Nonbinary Review, and the Kenyon Review blog, among others. Currently, she is working on her first poetry chapbook missing the tropical rain of her homeland, and obsessing about hawks.

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