Portrait of Where I'd Be
Leonora Simonovis
when my mother bites
me at birth
leaves me wanting
I drink milk from
my bellybutton
mother holds me
when I’m silent
I scream into her
chest 	an avalanche
of sound 	vocal
cords un-tuned
I’m not in control of
my body       mother
grabs me by the ankles
plunges me back into
the womb	I sink
my teeth and hold
Leonora Simonovis is a writer, educator and mother who grew up near Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in San Diego, CA. Her work has appeared in The American Journal of Poetry, Revista fron//tera, Tiferet Journal, and Nonbinary Review, and the Kenyon Review blog, among others. Currently, she is working on her first poetry chapbook, missing the tropical rain of her homeland, and obsessing about hawks.

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