Kimiko Hahn

From the Toying Sequence

Hardly anyone will remember the Spirograph except for Barb. She had a lot of artsy toys whereas I just had artsy parents. We also shared being like the Spirograph: when sharing stories in our teen years, we were quite graphic. Especially when it came to waterbeds.

Kimiko Hahn, author of nine books, finds that disparate sources have given way to her work—whether black lung disease in Volatile, Flaubert’s sex-tour in The Unbearable Heart, exhumation in The Artist's Daughter,or classical Japanese forms in The Narrow Road to the Interior. Rarified fields of science prompted her latest collections Toxic Flora and Brain Fever. A passionate advocate of chapbooks, her own most recent is Brood. Honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, PEN/Voelcker Award, Shelley Memorial Prize. Hahn is a distinguished professor in the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Literary Translation at Queens College, City University of New York and the president of the board at the Poetry Society of America.

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