Verbos de Amor
Sara Sage
    it is 	      not a			            binding			home			        decision
    		      speck of a notion	    contract signed		somewhere south		for whatever
    		      and anonymous 	    at half-mast		for your soul	        	is next will
    		      flesh			                                                east for me	  	        happen anyway

    never		doubt or head	    ubiquitous		        getting back on 		sure of the near
    		        swivel			    in pursuit of		time faces hollow		future but not
    		        or bad luck 		    something		        truth		        	a past

    soft		hymnals sung	    velvety skin		          thickest quilts		love sears
    		        like lullabies 		    a worth wearing	  because i have		like a curling iron
    		        and my baby fever    suit			          bad circulation		on baby fingers

    over		on the other side	    seas breaking and	  turning purple		childhood and
    		        of great mountain	    shaking for war		  or numb without		its failings lead
    		        kissing dawn		    you comply in		  coverage		        us back here

    time		iridescent and         limitations succeed	  slipping far and		chastises us for
    		        meaningful 		  ripe spirit		          wide			        negligence
Sara Sage is an east-coast based author who has been published in four other journals across the United States. She specializes in experimental poetry that pushes emotional expression in its purest, most vulnerable form and draws inspiration from the tragedies of our modern world, methods of love, and modes of inspiration from our daily lives.