Greetings, Again
Scout Katherine Turkel
I keep telling my ex-
girlfriend I want
to Sue The Shit
out of her As if
that would scare
her, Sue with the
grey hair and the
hens in Idaho We
went there once
& took sips of
air from each
other to stay calm
& landlocked My
first day without
ocean I’m from
California you know
where all we crave
is water because
we have none
Hardly anything
to drink At the
time she nudges
me to say the word
I am searching for
is Potable as if
a Californian would
not know everything
there is to know about
Water Jesus Christ
Sue wants to know
if our loving always
looks like this but
nothing ever looks
like itself especially
if you are thirsty &
I am or I was It’s
not my first time
in the Midwest
but Sue doesn’t
believe me How
could she I am
beautiful & very
Originally from Los Angeles, Scout Katherine Turkel is a writer studying at the University of California, Berkeley where she currently serves as an Editor in Chief of the Berkeley Poetry Review. Her work can be found in Two Peach Journal and Tunnel Magazine.

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