The Dictionary of the Fire
Alexander Lee
walk  /  all I can manage, now

write  /  more intent than anything

day  /  bookended by bulletins

dprk  /  famished fatherland

nyt  /  ‘…many from his own administration…’

talk  /  my ideal unit is the transaction

car  /  studded with light, opulent ganglia

pump  /  dollars & gallons climb in harmonic union

book  /  google play byproduct

seattle  /  cosmic promontory

hill  /  grey and dry as flesh

bike  /  fuck biking after a while

earth  /  shiver-heart, cloud-veined

cloud  /  awaiting trial

ice cream  /  middling climate metaphor

san francisco  /  thankfully spared

sex  /  untenable in context

dusk  /  a spirit skimming a waters, parting the nevers

death  /  yet more documentation

poem  /  legitimizing fear

fire  /  but a prelude
Alexander Lee is a young artist and writer living in Washington state.

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