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Jesse Gengenbach
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I make landscape paintings because I go to the wilderness alone and come back feeling like I have something very urgent to tell everyone. These are some half-truths I want to express: You can’t touch anything because its electrons repel you. If you could feel heaven on earth you would be struck by lightning. If you looked at your creator a sun shaped hole would burn your retina.

I am inspired by horizon lines because they are imaginary seams where heaven meets earth, relative to the eyes of the observer. Illusions are important to my work because through them I can impart a sense of the sublime, and I am delighted with the worldly power of deceit. The artificial is also relevant to my work, and some of my recent paintings have been of the interior of the home. The wall becomes a surface upon which dreams and nightmares are projected like adventures only seen in movies. Memories become transmuted, as electricity becomes sound, or something else.