Horse & Garden
Madison Archard
Everything I know about love
could fit in a horse trough
I stretch my neck out
‘til I sing like a horse
and no one loves me
I corset my horse in roses but
no one loves me

everything I know about
love is always building
futures out of horses
I am an international horse
hunter when someone says
the new fad is tiny horses
I pull my horse out of

my pocket I had a horse
but then I broke it I know
everything about love &
I bought every horse I ever saw
still the horses spur me
to declare my bed is made

of coarse red fur several fillies
call me heartless the clydesdales
wear their hair so
bridal those skirts of mine
are brindled nearly seatless
but what do I know about
hello will you love me

I say to every pony I see
what will you give me
they whinny & I am so whiny
I horse myself I am so
whinny I hate myself
sideways sister I ride western
I got so tired
of everything I know

posting I got so tired
of my saddlebags once
caught on the dismount
my inner thigh was torn
& everything went spilling out
I’m telling you it was slit
in two
Madison Archard is a queer poet working in the Midwest, where she lives with her partner and three mischievous cats. She earned her BA from the Johns Hopkins University, and her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She is grateful to be working with the Iowa Youth Writing Project, promoting K-12 arts education and literacy, and working with students to unlearn toxic hierarchies in the classroom.