Field Notes Entry
Joshua Young
shit’s beat
& you’re clinging

if you tell your god
to ready for blood

then someone
should marshal the cutthroats

i heard that somewhere
tv maybe

where did i heard that
heavy diction

unlocks the laughing-at
& who said this was for children

there’s a swollen pond
& ghost-making in progress

no child a floating corpse
a dead man moves through

a snake corpse
under the coax of trees

by the corn
in the weeds

toys from the neighbor’s barn
we should be looking

for big events
there’s someone

dragging their shovel
against the driveway

but when we slosh out
there’s no one there

trees trucks like columns
telephone poles like columns

this is a kingdom of mud
we had rifles for corn-shooting

but birds lifted
from the stalks

long ago we find
their skeletons

in the layers
of mud
Joshua Young is the author of the novella Little Galaxies (Los
Galesburg Press, 2020 and six of collections of poetry or hybrid writing,
most recently, Psalms for the Wreckage (Plays Inverse Press, 2017). His work has appeared in Gulf Coast, Fugue, cream city, Puerto del Sol, Bat
City, Adroit, among others. He lives near Seattle, Washington. Find him
 online here: