Leah's Dream
Isaac Brooke Petersen
sing it: you and I in the kitchen,

you and I and Arise and four-dollar wine. its label

exclaims wine of the revolution! and reading it,

you laugh. yeah,

          everything makes you laugh, now—

now that nobody pays rent and prisons

are molded oranges in a trash can.

so sing the way Arise flushes and sweats, how

our fingers wrestle over homemade sourdough,

how you’re learning to churn butter. wine

of the revolution, and we’re drunk on it. yeah, maybe

we weren’t fast enough to stop the sea rise,

but we bake for refugees and hem curtains

for corporate-offices-turned-homes. and what doesn’t

make you laugh now? sing it: revolution tastes

like cheap-ass wine and we’re drunk

on it. we’re drunk.
Isaac Brooke Petersen (he/him or they/them) is a transgender poet and activist living in Boston with a cantankerous sewing machine from the 70s. A graduate of San Diego State University's MFA program, he has published in journals such as Pacific Review and Versal, and his work received an honorable mention from the AWP Intro Journals Awards.