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Issue 5, April 2010


what's your story? (submit)

We’re so excited you want to submit to Storyscape. The premise of the journal is to expand the notion of what stories are while shaking up the labels we use to define them.

Rather than categorize by type of story (we accept all types of stories), the three sections of the journal are Truth, Untruth, and We Don't Know and They Won't Tell Us. Because we believe stories are lurking everywhere, we are actively looking for unique modes of storytelling that fall outside conventional boundaries while still maintaining the core essence of "story." Then again, we’re also open to a traditional story that’s simply very well told.

We get excited about genre-bending stories of all genres, but also all storytelling methods, i.e., written, audio, visual, found, overheard, and anything else you can think of. If you were wondering if you should submit a photograph of the poem you wrote with a sharpie marker on top of graffiti sprayed on a ripped up advertisement, the answer is probably yes. Or, you could just send us the poem you wrote. Get it?

A tip: things that are funny make us laugh.

We read submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year, though our reading gets slower right around our publication times. We publish twice per year: in the spring and in the fall.

Things you are likely to wonder about:

a. You may submit simultaneously, just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

b. We do not accept previously published stories, however, upon publication in Storyscape, the right to republish is yours.

c. We cannot pay our Contributors, although we truly wish we could.

d. We will do our best to respond either way within two months.

e. We review one prose piece at a time, or up to five poems; we would love it if your poems were all in the same document as one submission. Please only submit once in a six month cycle.

f. We have a withdrawal feature in the submission software for simultaneous submissions. If your piece is accepted elsewhere, you can use this to withdraw it from ours. But please do not use the withdrawal feature to send multiple versions of the same piece. We're easily confused.

Yes, but HOW do you submit?

We are now accepting submissions via our Submission Manager. To submit, click this link and simple instructions will follow: submit now.

Note: If you are submitting audio or visual stories, please direct us to a link with your work via the submission manager. If that method doesn’t make sense for your work then please email storymaster@storyscapejournal.com with an explanation of what you’re submitting and we will work something out. Thanks.

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